Bloggers Abroad 2017

Bloggers Abroad is a competition held by every year. It features the most engaging bloggers who write about their life abroad and their adventures in a foreign country. Have a look at last year's edition here!

Bloggers Abroad 2017

Bloggers Abroad 2017 by and Lexiophiles
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The prizes for the winners of Bloggers Abroad 2017 are kindly offered by Readleaf and Chatterbags.
Discover the best travel and expat blogs of 2017 and vote for your favourites!

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  • 1. E-Dublin

    A blog with tips and hacks for Brazilians living or planning to visit Ireland.

  • 2. Vendelia-travels

    An adventurous Dane who shares her experiences and many useful tips and tricks for travellers.

  • 3. Vivere Thai

    A blog that helps Italians to start a new life in Thailand. News, guides, travel tips, jobs and much more.

  • 4. Yolda bi' Blog

    Travel blog of a working couple, proving that a regular job is not a hindrance if you want to travel around the world.

  • 5. Bite of Iceland

    Start day-dreaming with Adam and Marta who will take you on a magic journey around Iceland.

  • 6. The Pink Tarha

    Website of three women from Philippines writing about life in Saudi Arabia.

  • 7. Vienna e Dintorni

    Angela has lived in Vienna for 20 years. After having studied in Vienna, she decided to stay there because she just loved Austria so much. In her blog she not only gives information about life in Austria but also travel tips.

  • 8. Beirutista

    Blog of a Lebanese/American woman who grew up in the US and decided to move to Lebanon. She writes about living in Beirut and her travels.

  • 9. Donne che Emigrano all'Estero

    A blog about Italian women living abroad. It's a platform that allows every Italian woman to tell her story!

  • 10. O-Tuga

    Brazilian bloggers passionate about travelling and showing the beauty of Portugal.

Thanks to everyone that wrote, nominated and voted for these blogs! We hope to see you back on Lexiophiles soon, and look forward to seeing your contributions to the dictionaries.