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nearby galaxies
  • närliggande galaxies
  • närliggande galaxer

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Galaxies are made up of millions of stars and their structures depend on the processes in which they evolved, including interactions with other nearby galaxies.
Its position in a relatively quiet patch of universe let it form undisturbed by other nearby galaxies, until it reached an incredible size.
While it's technically a spiral galaxy, the strange shape was most likely caused by bumping into other nearby galaxies.
Is such an accretion process still ongoing in nearby galaxies?
Merging pairs of neutron stars produce a fainter signal than binary black holes, but are expected to be more common in nearby galaxies.
Brain climbs out of skull, wanders the various, nearby galaxies.
The targets for these studies range from comets and star clusters to supernova remnants, nearby galaxies, and active galaxies powered by supermassive black holes.
The gravitational tug of nearby galaxies can also strip you of stars and gas.
The nearby galaxies generally show signs of having been disrupted by mergers or exist in clusters where mergers should be common.
Quasars, which are supposed to be the most distant astronomical objects in the sky, are often found connected to nearby galaxies by jets of gas.

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galaxies substantiv
nearby adjektiv
nearby adverb