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mouth gagged
  • munkavle
  • mun munkavle

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Her body, police said, was found wrapped in a sheet under the bed of the accused with her hands and feet bound and mouth gagged.
Prema was found lying dead with her hands and arms tied and mouth gagged.
Another message had a photograph of his wife lying in an unconscious state with her mouth gagged.
She was robbed, her hands were tied, and her mouth gagged.
Suddenly he was grabbed, his hands tied, his mouth gagged.
She had her mouth gagged and body chained to relate to the elephants that are kept in chains in the travelling circus.
This was hardly a tabloid headline, but the article was explosive anyway, with an illustration of a mouth gagged by layers of masking tape to drive home the message.
Published along with a daring photo of a mouth gagged with masking tape, that follow-up article was deleted too.
Her neck was tied with her pyjama and mouth gagged with mustard leaves.

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