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mountain gorilla
  • berg gorilla

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In fact, they had just discovered the mountain gorilla.
Rwanda must be proud of the mountain gorilla.
The other type of eastern gorilla, the mountain gorilla, numbers only a few hundred.
The park also houses a handful of one of the world's rarest species -- the mountain gorilla.
While an endangered species, western lowland gorillas remain more common than their relatives, the mountain gorilla.
The mountain gorilla is a wonderful example, where enhanced enforcement and well-managed tourism has seen gorilla numbers climbing.
The mountain gorilla is officially listed as critically endangered.
A 10-month-old mountain gorilla sits atop a thicket of undergrowth 20 feet from my face.
They have longer arms than the mountain gorilla and shorter hair and teeth.
The park's gorilla monitoring teams will continue the search for the remaining mountain gorilla families if security remains stable.

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