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mould growing
  • mögel växer
  • mögelodling

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There was mould growing on the apple, it was all rotten, and the slug was kind of sliding inside it.
There was mould growing on the walls, they were so damp.
I now have mould growing around my windows in my living room.
Another problem can be leaves covered with black sooty material - this is a mould growing on the sections of aphids or scale insects.
There's a lot of mould growing throughout all floors.
A number of them have children, and say they're concerned about mould growing in their walls.
She said that when the contractors gutted the walls of the shower, they found black mould growing inside.
We cut all the shopfronts to about 1,200 mills, obviously to stop any effects of any mould growing and spreading throughout the centre.
Air quality samples pointed the finger at mould growing inside the walls.

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growing adjektiv
mould substantiv