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motions of galaxies
  • rörelser av galaxer
  • galaxers rörelser

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Based purely on the motions of galaxies, astronomers have been forced to infer the presence of matter that's undetectable with light-gathering telescopes.
Chief among these forces are the still-hypothetical dark energy and dark matter, which are thought to drive the universe's expansion and the motions of galaxies.
To better refine cosmic mapmaking, the researchers are proposing a new way to evaluate these large-scale galaxy structures by examining their impact on the motions of galaxies.
In his studies of the motions of galaxies he realized that some additional unseen matter must be exerting a gravitational influence on them.
Dark matter constitutes 80 percent of the total matter of our universe and is the main cause of the motions of galaxies with respect to each other.
Simulations based on that scenario make specific predictions about how quickly cosmic structures form and also about the motions of galaxies and stars within galaxies.

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galaxies substantiv
motions substantiv
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