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most guarded
  • mest bevakade

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Dessa meningar kommer från externa källor och kan innehålla fel. bab.la är inte ansvarigt för deras innehåll.

A true professional can draw an intimate moment out of even the most guarded of individuals.
We so crave the shaming of women that we sexualise even the most guarded of them beyond reason, humanity or common sense.
If we can unravel this beautiful symbology, then we will have unlocked some of the most guarded secrets of our spiritual journey.
How then could he have gained access to one of the most guarded facilities in the barracks?
To acknowledge what really threatens us is to upset two of the most guarded citadels in this country: the military and masculinity.
Even the most guarded girl in the world isn't immune to the powerful force of love.
The candid access into one of the most guarded and brutal cities in the world is completely unprecedented, and is as extraordinary as it is terrifying.
It's called the "blue sheet" simply because it's a blue sheet of paper -- and it is the most guarded piece of paper out of all the budget documents.
Fresh details show that this year's examinations will be the most guarded as additional security measures have been introduced to tame cheating.
Bilibid 14 is supposed to be the most guarded facility now.

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EnglishDefence policy is one of the areas most jealously guarded by the Member States.
skriftlig. - (IT) Försvarspolitiken är ett av de områden som bevakas mest svartsjukt av medlemsstaterna.

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guarded verb
guarded adjektiv
most pronomen
most adjektiv
most adverb
most likely
most of the time
most part substantiv