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most grotesque
  • mest groteska

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Dessa meningar kommer från externa källor och kan innehålla fel. bab.la är inte ansvarigt för deras innehåll.

Councils and committees are now trying to preserve even the most grotesque of them the world over, as well they should.
That said, even the most grotesque of his grotesques has the ring of truth.
They weakened the enemy but in the process also harmed civilians -- the very people being "liberated" -- in the most grotesque of ways.
For you have been defamed and disparaged in the most grotesque and undignified manner.
Horrified detectives today described his actions as "the most grotesque and hideous of crimes".
It is one of the most grotesque and, at the same time, most perfect dystopias ever presented on screen.
That's truly the most grotesque, gutting, horrible feeling in the entire world.
All of this led, inevitably, to the most grotesque geek show of them all: pitting disparate fighting styles against each another and mopping up the blood afterward.
During the evening, we will present unique dramatizations of his chilling compositions focusing on the most grotesque fragments of human behavior.

Användningsexempel för "most grotesque" på svenska

EnglishThe most grotesque distortions gain currency: Brussels is supposedly home to an immense, Kafkaesque bureaucracy.
De mest groteska vrångbilder får allmän spridning. Bryssel antas inhysa en enorm, kafkaliknande byråkrati.

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