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most graphic
  • mest grafiska

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Dessa meningar kommer från externa källor och kan innehålla fel. bab.la är inte ansvarigt för deras innehåll.

We decided the most graphic and potent image to symbolize this was a wreath of dead flowers.
Yet perhaps the most graphic and chilling first-hand description comes from a nameless survivor who penned his account online, a few hours after escaping.
Generally these come with warnings first, so we can at least look away from the most graphic scenes.
The crime was one of the most graphic in recent memory in the state.
But the station reported that it removed the most graphic portion of the video when the ape drags the boy through the water.
The movement is known for singing the most graphic lyrics about the cartel life.
But even when the characters are recounting those early endeavours in the most graphic language possible, you can still relate.
The most graphic expression of the crisis is public debt.
It's the most graphic film of the camps ever shown.

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EnglishIn my home town of Lyons I am confronted every day, in the most graphic terms, with the suffering of refugees and with trafficking in human beings, particularly in women.
I min stad Lyon ställs jag varje dag mycket konkret inför problemet med flyktingarnas lidande och människohandeln, bl. a. handeln med kvinnor.

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