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mortgage guarantee
  • hypotekslån garanti
  • inteckning garanti

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Half of brokers and 49% of lenders predict that the mortgage guarantee scheme will be withdrawn early, despite its perceived impact so far.
It can be used alongside other government policies such as the help-to-buy interest-free loan scheme or the mortgage guarantee scheme for 95% loans.
Over 80% of sales were to people taking their first step onto the housing ladder with 89% part of the equity loan scheme and 82% the mortgage guarantee scheme.
It will also establish a mortgage guarantee product, targeted at lower income borrowers that will be used to guarantee some of the credit risk for this special group of lenders.
What is a mortgage guarantee scheme and how will it work?
A mortgage guarantee company provides credit guarantee to housing finance companies and banks on behalf of home loan borrowers.
The case for a mortgage guarantee industry in an economy springs from an all-too-prevalent phenomenon.
The mortgage guarantee will support an increase in high loan-to-value mortgages for people who can't afford large deposits, and it will also boost housebuilding.

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guarantee substantiv
mortgage substantiv
to guarantee verb
contract of guarantee substantiv
liability under a guarantee substantiv
tender guarantee substantiv