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more glamorous
  • mer glamorösa

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Dessa meningar kommer från externa källor och kan innehålla fel. bab.la är inte ansvarigt för deras innehåll.

And it is not about to get any more glamorous.
Could the life of a professional bridge player get any more glamorous?
And when kids remember things, the horses are bigger, the men are better dressed, the pubs are bigger, everything is bigger and more glamorous.
As that has happened, the program has taken on more and more glamorous, big-budget projects and the controversy surrounding it has increased.
But now the other sister's bathroom looks a bit more glamorous, no?
I think it's only going to be a positive outcome if we all try to make ladies' golf a bit more glamorous.
Working backstage of the production is far more glamorous than it sounds.
They did bring in the humour as well -- but the main thing is its more glamorous feel.
The 1920s changed drastically to an altogether more glamorous look, which continued through the decades with some slight changes.
It really doesn't get more glamorous than that.

Användningsexempel för "more glamorous" på svenska

EnglishI do not believe that this is more glamorous and attractive to the citizens.
Jag tror inte att detta är mer glamoröst och lockande för medborgarna.

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