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monthly grocery
  • månadsvis livsmedelsbutik
  • månatliga livsmedelsbutiker

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In addition to the education aspect, families also receive vouchers to ease the burden of the monthly grocery bill.
The monthly grocery bill has gone up to such an extent that it even threatens peace at home.
That amount of money can pay our rent and over half of our monthly grocery bill.
However, excise duty on various products including mineral water, aerated drinks and condensed milk could now lead to slightly higher price-tags, bloating the monthly grocery spends.
Imagine doing your monthly grocery shopping while relaxing at a poolside, sitting in the waiting room of a bank, or fixing your hair in the salon.
Furthermore, among these shoppers, 87% report they would increase their monthly grocery spend if local alternatives were more readily available.
Most of these dishes have ingredients which would not feature on a monthly grocery list: penne pasta, sriracha sauce and black olives, for example.
So if you've not paid attention to your monthly grocery bill in recent months, its time to sit up and take notice.
So are you re-thinking your monthly grocery spending on your food bills trying to wriggle away from a black hole in your household budget every month?

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grocery substantiv
monthly adjektiv
monthly adverb
monthly substantiv
monthly account substantiv
monthly fee substantiv
monthly card substantiv
monthly return substantiv