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monitor the groundwater
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The government has 187 observation wells used to monitor groundwater levels in some key areas.
Unfortunately, the data lacks the main thing needed to monitor groundwater levels: results over time from the same location.
Mosaic said it is monitoring the groundwater and has not found evidence that any off-site water has been contaminated.
Mosaic, credited as the world's largest supplier of the chemical phosphate, is monitoring the groundwater and is yet to report any contamination offsite.
At this time, other than regulating withdrawals, there is no immediate province-wide plan to monitor groundwater health.
Other than licensing, there are no immediate province-wide mechanisms to monitor groundwater health.
There is also a need to monitor groundwater resources and actually start managing these sustainably.
Let's actually monitor groundwater withdrawals, both public and private.
The environmental clearance conditions stipulate that the company must monitor groundwater regularly for salinity and pollution.
Even though the site has been cleaned up, the city still burns off methane from the landfill and monitors the groundwater for chemicals.

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