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modified genes
  • modifierade gener

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Another risk is that the modified genes may escape into the wild.
In theory, the modified genes could spread through an entire population surprisingly fast.
The non-biting males are born with wings, and subsequently go off and mate with unmodified females, passing the modified genes along to their offspring.
Another is that proteins expressed by the genetically modified genes could cause unknown allergic or toxic reactions when people are bitten.
By the third generation, the modified genes were passed on to more than 99% of the insects' offspring.
In short, the modified genes affect only the female mosquitoes, rendering them flightless.
It "supercharges" genetically modified genes so that they defy the normal rules of inheritance.
He has allowed alfalfa, which feeds our cattle, and sugar beets, which fuel our coffee and sweets, with modified genes on the market.
It isn't the share price that matters so much as the ruling itself -- that naturally occurring genes can't be patented but that modified genes can -- and the symbolism behind it.
Modified genes are being studied in the medical world as possible therapies.

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modified verb
genes substantiv