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modest growth
  • blygsam tillväxt
  • måttlig tillväxt

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Now we are staring at the possibility of a modest growth of about two per cent.
On the other hand, the industrial sector is struggling with energy issues, as shown by a modest growth of 2.3 percent in the large-scale manufacturing.
Raw materials cost saw a modest growth of 2.9% during the quarter compared to the same period last year.
The central bank survey found markets were expecting a return to modest growth of 0.44 per cent in 2017.
The central bank survey found markets were expecting a return to modest growth of 0.44 percent in 2017.
A modest growth in milk production over the next five years is forecast due to improved herd management and greater economies of scale.
With investment remaining out of reach from dry bulk owners, even a modest growth in demand will help support market recovery.
Going forward, he expects the year-on-year data to alternate between contraction and modest growth.
We're entering a new environment of low and modest growth, but there's no sign of a strong fall...
The global economy, while experiencing modest growth, "will manage through" over the next few years and there will not be a recession, he says.

Användningsexempel för "modest growth" på svenska

EnglishAfter years of crisis, in 1996 the country experienced a modest growth rate of 1 %.
Efter krisåren har det under 1996 åtminstone funnits en anspråkslös tillväxt om 1 %.
EnglishPeace and even modest growth in Europe have a price.
Fred och tillväxt i Europa, även en måttfull sådan, har ett pris.

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modest adjektiv
growth substantiv
economic growth substantiv
population growth substantiv
annual growth substantiv