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mode of governance
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Dessa meningar kommer från externa källor och kan innehålla fel. bab.la är inte ansvarigt för deras innehåll.

The founding objectives of service organisations for a corruption-free and effective mode of governance were yet to be realised.
Egypt, with its dilapidated public-health apparatus, ponderous bureaucracy and a less than transparent mode of governance, might have even more difficulty in containing the virus.
Democracy is a mode of governance that can give you any type of system that people want; however people end up what they deserve eventually.
The struggle for democratic socialism is an important goal, especially in light of the reign of terror of the existing neoliberal mode of governance.
Citizen is confused and helpless in the mode of governance.
And there's no functional mode of governance in place to deal with either -- and both factors will feed into each other.
Masses may not look very happy with mode of governance which they say has not saved them from poverty, hunger and disease.
This is the second time we experimented with this mode of governance.
Hence, any totalitarian mode of governance is now treated as a relic of a sealed past that bears no relationship to the present.
In fact, his conclusion about the current electoral politics as well as the mode of governance in the county speaks a lot about his true political beliefs.

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EnglishOur group has no problem in supporting the wish for an Arctic treaty, but more in the light of a quest for a new mode of governance.
Vår grupp stöder gärna önskemålet om ett arktiskt fördrag, men snarare mot bakgrund av ett sökande efter ett nytt styrelsesätt.
EnglishI was able to observe on the ground the efforts made by Laos and by other countries in the region to improve their mode of governance.
Jag kunde på plats iaktta de ansträngningar som Laos och andra länder i regionen gjorde för att förbättra sina styrelseformer.

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mode substantiv
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