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minutes of game
  • minuter av vilt
  • spelminuter

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At the time, he had accrued a mere 10 minutes of game time and was an unknown quantity.
He missed about 10 minutes of game time before returning.
Favre reportedly makes $50,000 in just five minutes of game time.
He missed about five minutes of game time, then returned with a full cage face shield in place of the visor he had been wearing.
There are 240 minutes of game time between the two front row positions and lock.
Following a season of implementation, it was decided to make a change to 71 minutes of game playing time (from 73 minutes).
To have that calm and composed temperament in the final minutes of game is a matter of pride.
Seems like the prosecution just needs to show 11 minutes of game footage and call it a case.
There were only 40 injury stoppages by teams that were losing, which claimed a total of 12.5 minutes of game play.
In his 111 minutes of game time he has completed 6 tackles and 11 successful ground duels at completion rates of 75% and 63% respectively.

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minutes substantiv
game substantiv
game adjektiv
of preposition