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minimum grade
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There would be a minimum grade point average required to participate.
Whereas all states require their teachers to have a bachelor's degree and teacher training, some even require training in technology and the attainment of a minimum grade point average.
Students must continue working on assignments until they receive the minimum grade.
They need to be seriously smart / talented in their field to make the minimum grade.
Applicants must achieve a minimum grade of 70% on the exam to pass.
They take the standard rules test, and pass with a minimum grade of 90% on a closed-book basis.
However, she said the number of those who obtained the minimum grade improved with 16,132 pupils compared with 15,996 last year.
But the competition for seats, combined with the reservations, means the admission cutoff -- the minimum grade for acceptance -- for non-reserved students hovers in the high 90s.
But it was a test passed with a minimum grade.

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grade substantiv
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