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metal grill
  • metall grill
metal grille
  • metallgaller
  • metall galler

Användningsexempel för "metal grill" på engelska

Dessa meningar kommer från externa källor och kan innehålla fel. bab.la är inte ansvarigt för deras innehåll.

The sound is thick and crisp due to the large speaker frame and the two 56mm audio drivers that are mounted behind the metal grill.
This is due to the large speaker frame and the two 56mm audio drivers that are mounted behind the metal grill.
The ceramic surface doesn't get as hot as a metal grill and the fire is enclosed there is less chance of someone getting burned.
The bread is sliced thick and gently toasted on a metal grill over an open charcoal fire.
A metal grill will be bolted over the cave's entrance, to ensure it remains undisturbed until scientists can return next summer to carry out a fuller excavation.
Paris town hall said that the rumour had begun when a section of the metal grill covering the bridge parapets was replaced as part of routine repairs.
The additional speaker on the front disappears and the earpiece is not a metal grill (which also acts as the sole loudspeaker now).
Upon unboxing, we found two satellite speakers, with a glossy black finish and a metal grill in black.
He had stepped on the drain cover before his foot slipped through the metal grill gap, leaving him pinned up to his knee.
They managed to cut the metal grill and free the boy at 2.20pm.
Other than the metal grille of the building's communal lift shaft, there's nothing to see but a couple of doors that, you would assume, led to people's private apartments.
They shackled his hands and feet to the metal grille of the cell door.
Covered in a metal grille, the surface of the runway was illuminated with neon lights concealed beneath it.
We paid a woman who sat behind a metal grille.
The marque's characteristic design language, including signature details such as the metal grille, elongated side strake and inverted rear lights, establish a distinguished, solid form with strong road presence.
From the curved metal grille, inset side handles, metal corner protectors and black covering, this is sturdily built and ready for action.
It has a rubberised, water-resistant case and metal grille on the front and sits either horizontally or vertically.
The children were unable to escape the burning house due to a padlocked metal grille.
A chrome-framed black metal grille at the front hides the two 2.5in full-range drivers and two 1in tweeters.
Currently the hole is covered with just a protective metal grille to deter tomb raiders.

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grill substantiv
metal adjektiv
metal substantiv
to grill verb
metal worker substantiv
mixed grill substantiv
metal plate substantiv
metal roof substantiv