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metal grate
  • metallgaller

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Dessa meningar kommer från externa källor och kan innehålla fel. bab.la är inte ansvarigt för deras innehåll.

A crowd formed as sneaker-heads waited for the store to open its doors, which were blocked with a metal grate.
Each section has two floors with eight cells, their fronts covered by a metal grate, and some also with clear plastic panels that muffle prisoners' sporadic conversations.
In the middle of the crosswalk, he stopped, and began moving his hand over a metal grate.
The top of the culvert, screened by a metal grate, will protrude slightly above the surface.
Don't look down, the floor of the walkway is a metal grate and it sure can get you going if heights aren't your thing.
They cut a hole in a metal grate and crawled through plumbing tunnels to get onto the roof.
They believe he hit his head on a metal grate at the front of the van, you know, as the van maybe stopped.
Police found a black shirt hanging on a metal grate near the entrance to the pool.
The children said the man drove a dirty white van with a metal grate separating the front seat from the back.
The "outdoor space" they were allowed into for an hour a day was effectively a closed room of approximately 30 square metres with a metal grate instead of a ceiling.

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grate substantiv
metal adjektiv
metal substantiv
to grate verb
dome grate substantiv
metal worker substantiv
metal plate substantiv
metal roof substantiv
beehive grate substantiv