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memorial garden
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She wanted to develop a memorial garden, so that her children had somewhere to go, to remember him.
The funds will cover installation costs and the creation of a memorial garden.
The museum will develop a memorial garden, with benches and a water wall, around the gravesite.
They had considered a memorial garden, a cairn and traditional and abstract artworks before settling on the sculptor's vision.
Now there is a memorial garden where the houses once stood.
There is a memorial garden where the houses once stood.
Family members and representatives then progressed to the memorial garden to place 35 floral tributes in the memorial pool.
He said he buried the ashes of one of his good friends in the memorial garden.
On the day of the walk there will be a memorial garden so people can bring pictures of and write messages to lost loved ones.
The school's anniversary celebrations have included a mass, the dedication of a memorial garden and the burial of two time capsules.

Liknande översättningar för "memorial garden" på svenska

memorial substantiv
garden adjektiv
garden substantiv
patch of garden substantiv
botanical garden substantiv
vegetable garden substantiv
back garden substantiv
memorial park substantiv
bear garden substantiv
kitchen garden substantiv
roof garden substantiv
to garden verb
botanic garden substantiv
cherry garden substantiv
memorial fund substantiv
memorial grove substantiv
uncultivated garden substantiv