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melting glacier
  • smältande glaciär
melting glaciers
  • smältande glaciärer

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An artist hoping to bring attention to the topic of climate change painted a series of murals on fractured icebergs from a melting glacier.
The metaphor of a melting glacier's anastomosing outwash streams was used to describe this misleading notion of evolution among species lineages.
The next shock need not come from the finance sector but could result from a melting glacier.
They stop melting glacier water from reaching the ocean.
The theory is that the melting glacier leaves mineral rock dust, a highly densified fertilising element.
The bodies of a renowned mountain climber and his cameraman have been found in a melting glacier 16 years after they were buried in a huge avalanche.
And every hurricane, every melting glacier, every millimeter of sea-level rise.
The melting glacier caused a meltwater flood, which swept the rock down the mountainside with it.
Geologists, on the other hand, would argue it was actually dumped there by a melting glacier at the end of the last ice age.
It took local authorities several days to extract the body, whose head and torso jutted out of a small, melting glacier, while his lower body remained frozen in ice.
Melting glaciers caused sea level rise that covered the pit with water for the last 8 000 years.
Melting glaciers caused the sea level to rise.
Rising sea levels, melting glaciers are all a result of global warming.
Melting glaciers are not only sights to behold, but also are full of groans, creaks, cracks and splashes.
Climate change has led to increases in melting glaciers and reduced snowfall, which is impacting its wildlife.
We are seeing the impacts of climate change already in melting glaciers and extreme weather.
C rise in global mean temperature, melting glaciers, increased and stronger typhoons, dying ecosystems?
Pakistan is facing many challenges in the form of floods, melting glaciers, droughts, rising sea levels and temperatures.
I couldn't care less if you're concerned about temperatures rising or melting glaciers.
These alarming findings on melting glaciers underline the importance of combating climate change globally.

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glacier substantiv
melting adjektiv
alpine glacier substantiv
rock glacier substantiv
piedmont glacier substantiv
temperate glacier substantiv
polar glacier substantiv
melting pot substantiv
mountain glacier substantiv
valley glacier substantiv