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medical genetics
  • medicinsk genetik

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Finally, there's the practical payoff in medical genetics.
He followed that with a fellowship in medical genetics.
In addition to their use in medical genetics, these data are providing us with an increasingly sophisticated view of human history.
This is well regulated and is the very core of the new advances in medical genetics.
He was there 10 years, overseeing clinics that have about 2,000 active patients at any given time, and also teaching medical genetics.
With 775 beds and a staff of nearly 9,000, the hospital boasts a cancer center, cardiovascular care center and medical genetics program.
Nevertheless, the field of medical genetics is booming.
In the context of the topics we mainly discuss here -- population genetics, medical genetics, etc -- genetic ancestry is "real" and social race categories matter less.
Its primary mandate is in maternity care and reproductive health, but it's also the home of the provincial medical genetics program, so it's not an altogether foreign place for men.

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English(EL) Madam President, the directive we are debating today will concern more and more people over coming years, as medical technology and genetics progress.
(EL) Fru talman! Det direktiv vi debatterar i dag kommer att beröra allt fler människor under de kommande åren i takt med att medicintekniken och genetiken gör nya framsteg.

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