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mechanisms governing
  • mekanismer som styr

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So, here comes to play the new paradigm that climate change, and not only plate tectonics, is one of the mechanisms governing evolution in terms of new niches and species.
Smith said the similarities probably reflect shared cognitive mechanisms governing dominance and subordination, alliance formation, and decision-making as humans are mammals after all.
However, the mechanisms governing myogenesis (formation of muscle fibers) in striated muscles of the skeletal musculature in vertebrates is not very clear.
If beliefs, expectations and dispositions are involved in the neuro-physical mechanisms governing pain response, then it may matter a great deal how we understand, imagine and anticipate our own pain.
Understanding the mechanisms governing the origin and maintenance of biodiversity is important to scientists studying the roles of both ecology and evolution in natural systems.
All over the world leaders receive gifts on a regular basis; but in every country there are established frameworks and mechanisms governing or regulating such gifts.
Our work on multidien metabolic rhythms will provide the first detailed molecular insight into the biological mechanisms governing how species acquire and differ in their size and life history attributes.
In the future, research will bring to light more unknown factors that will improve our understanding of the mechanisms governing cancer and syndromes linked to the shortening of telomeres.
Yet we must thoroughly understand the molecular mechanisms governing their safety profile in order to be confident of their function in the human body.
However, any path towards industrial maturity requires a detailed understanding of the fundamental mechanisms governing the process of photocurrent generation.

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EnglishI appeal to the need to develop mechanisms of financing and governing with practical effects for the accomplishment of this strategy.
Jag hänvisar till behovet av att utveckla mekanismer för finansiering och styrning med praktiska effekter för att uppfylla strategin.
EnglishTogether with the ACP countries the Union must therefore contribute to a redefinition of the mechanisms governing international relations.
Tillsammans med AVS-länderna bör Europeiska unionen bidra till att omdefiniera de mekanismer som reglerar internationella förhållanden.
EnglishMoreover, I regret that it was not possible to conduct a thorough reform of the institutional mechanisms governing Parliament's responsibility for development policy.
Jag beklagar dessutom att det inte var möjligt att genomföra en grundlig reform av de institutionella mekanismer som styr parlamentets ansvar för utvecklingspolitiken.
EnglishI would also like to add that European citizens have the right to understand the mechanisms governing this membership, just as they have the right to know what their rights are.
Jag vill också tillägga att EU-medborgarna har rätt att förstå mekanismerna som styr detta medlemskap, precis som de har rätt att veta vilka deras rättigheter är.

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