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measure the gravity
  • mäta gravitationen
  • mäta allvaret

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How would institutions measure the gravity of such crimes and the extent of their responses?
The big problem with measuring gravity at such tiny scales is not the magnitude of the force.
Those instruments measure gravity while racing around the planet in formation about 137 miles apart.
For one thing, it does not explain gravity, although we know how to measure gravity and exploit it for our needs.
Its gradiometer, which uses six accelerometers to measure gravity in three dimensions, is the first of its kind that humanity has put into space.
These satellites measure gravity so sensitively as they pass over an area that they can measure changes in the amount of water in it.
When you don't suffer you can not measure the gravity of problems and easily support this irrational measure made by incumbent government.
The measurement and interpretation of the earth's physical parameters using non-invasive methods such as measuring the gravity, magnetic susceptibility, electrical conductivity, seismic response and natural radioactive emissions.
Fiddling around with air locks to allow carbon dioxide to escape and a hydrometer that measures the gravity of liquids is a surprisingly fun way to spend an afternoon.
These interstellar "lighthouse beacons" are invaluable for doing observational experiments on a variety of astronomical phenomena, including measuring gravity waves.

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