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measure the glucose
  • mäta glukosen
  • mäta glukos

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For example, companies are working on noninvasive blood chemistry sensors that transmit a laser beam to measure glucose levels and other factors.
The chip has built-in biosensor technology that enables it to measure glucose levels continuously using tissue fluids other than blood, such as sweat or tears.
So, for a blood sugar test, the kit tests a known reference solution of glucose at the same time as measuring the glucose in the patient's sample.
The embedded sensor measures the glucose levels in the interstitial fluid or in the blood and results are transmitted via a transmitter to a receiver/monitor that displays the results.
It works by measuring glucose levels every five minutes and automatically administering or withholding insulin.
It measures glucose in the intercellular fluid in the skin rather than blood.
The researchers believe that this new super-hard tip will open up new application areas for probe-based technologies like biosensors for measuring glucose levels.
Methods to measure glucose without drawing blood have been a goal of many laboratories since the 1970s, most of which failed or did not reach the market.
The world standard unit for measuring glucose in blood is mmol/l, which stands for millimoles/litre.
The circuit was capable of measuring glucose and releasing a different drug if levels got too high or too low.

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