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meaningless gesture
  • meningslös gest

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Dessa meningar kommer från externa källor och kan innehålla fel. bab.la är inte ansvarigt för deras innehåll.

Still, even if the government had met the target of 500,000, it would have been a meaningless gesture.
The common answer is that it would be a meaningless gesture.
In fact, all it does, is confirm him as the master of the meaningless gesture.
That is why, with a general election scheduled next year, she is attempting to appease her critics with this burka ban which is a pretty meaningless gesture.
On the other hand, the female of species tend to over-analyse and read meaning into every slight, meaningless gesture.
In that case, simply cutting up your cards is a meaningless gesture unless you're also closing the account.
A meaningless gesture designed primarily to expiate white guilt?
It's a funny, unsettling, occasionally gruesome riff on the way a society can prioritize long-term relationships while codifying them into meaningless gesture.
As it stands, the government has retained its paltry 5% target for 2020 but lifted its 2050 target to 80% in a mostly meaningless gesture.

Användningsexempel för "meaningless gesture" på svenska

EnglishI am naturally anxious that these elections should be a constructive step towards democracy in that country and, certainly, they should not be a meaningless gesture on the part of Hun Sen's regime.
Jag är naturligtvis angelägen om att dessa val kommer att bli en konstruktivt steg mot demokrati i detta land och att de verkligen inte blir en meningslös gest från Hun Sen-regimens sida.

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meaningless adjektiv
gesture substantiv
to gesture verb
victory gesture substantiv