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matter greatly
  • materia kraftigt
  • frågan i hög grad

Användningsexempel för "matter greatly" på engelska

Dessa meningar kommer från externa källor och kan innehålla fel. bab.la är inte ansvarigt för deras innehåll.

It suggests that a woman's health and life circumstances before her pregnancy, especially chronic stress, matter greatly, researchers said.
Women are still shut out of male-dominated networks in a business culture where guanxi, or personal connections, matter greatly.
But when we recognise that people matter, poverty will also matter greatly.
This is only half of the story: the average ages at which women of different demographic groups have their babies also matter greatly.
Neutrinos could hold clues about how the universe began and why matter greatly outnumbers antimatter, allowing us to exist.
Technology will be an important factor in the changes ahead, but the evolving habits and norms of workers will matter greatly as well.
Within each there is, of course, a rich gamut of other qualities, such as courage, intelligence, creativity, etc., all of which matter greatly.
All stakeholders have something to offer and their views matter greatly for an effective rule of law in the online world.
Single attributes such as recyclable, organic, or energy-efficient matter greatly, but don't mean a product is green overall.

Användningsexempel för "matter greatly" på svenska

EnglishEvidently, this matter does concern Sweden greatly, all the more so because Sweden is a Baltic Sea country.
Jag kan konstatera att Sverige är intresserat av den här frågan, för det kanske kan sägas vara ett Östersjöland.
EnglishI believe that a unanimous vote by this House on the matter would greatly hasten the subsequent conferences in Ottawa.
Jag tror att ett enhälligt utlåtande från vår församling i denna fråga skulle ge luft under vingarna åt den avslutande konferensen i Ottawa.

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greatly adverb
greatly adjektiv
matter substantiv