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marsh grass
  • kärr gräs
  • träsk gräs

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The booms had restricted the oil to about the first 5ft of marsh grass, which was itself repeatedly being cleaned.
The receding water left mats of marsh grass, shrimp, speckled trout, fire ants and snakes found hiding in corners and on shelves for months afterward.
Instead of steel, concrete, and packed clay, he'd like to see more sand and marsh grass used to protect coastlines.
The owners began clearing the 7-foot-tall marsh grass and digging drains, but they were investors, not farmers, and the venture quickly proved too expensive.
But as the researchers walked through thigh-high marsh grass, the barren trunks of dead cedars were silhouetted against passing clouds.
Based on prior small-scale experiments, we predicted nutrient enrichment would cause the marsh grass to grow better and remain stable.
Davies and his wife live in a nice housing development that appears to have sprouted out of the marsh grass.
A short-eared owl roosts on a wooden fencepost, craning its head at impossible angles to pick up the soft sounds of field mice in the dense marsh grass.
Ospreys grab talons full of dead marsh grass from the tide line to cushion their nests, and that is where discarded line and string also washes in among the grasses.
Burgess reportedly chose this location because his craft would slide along wet marsh grass if it came down unexpectedly.

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grass substantiv
marsh substantiv
to grass verb
marsh trefoil substantiv
lemon grass substantiv
artificial grass substantiv
to cut the grass verb
crab grass substantiv
barley grass substantiv
quaking grass substantiv