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market glut
  • marknaden överflöd
  • marknaden glut

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A successful growing year for a farmer can mean a market glut, and diminishing profits.
India's agriculture departments don't even effectively advise tomato farmers how they should avoid a market glut.
There are only small proven reserves of nuclear fuel because there is a market glut.
A market glut of natural gas has pushed the wholesale price from as high as $12 per thousand cubic feet five years ago to less than $2.50 over the past year.
On the other hand, the market glut means that content is increasingly difficult to monetize.
Initially we recorded no pest attacks and the crop was so healthy and bore a lot of fruits, which resulted in a market glut that forced its price to crash.
Essentially, the law paid farmers to not grow food on a certain percentage of their land to reduce the market glut.

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Englishto glut the market

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market substantiv
market value substantiv
to glut verb
market order substantiv
market town substantiv