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market gardeners
  • trädgårdsmästare
  • marknadsföra trädgårdsmästare

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Dessa meningar kommer från externa källor och kan innehålla fel. bab.la är inte ansvarigt för deras innehåll.

So did all the other market gardeners, creating dozens of craters that fed on the canal's run-off water.
Some of what he's growing, such as sunflower greens, sets him apart from other market gardeners.
However, the province keeps no data on the number of market gardeners.
In the interest of market gardeners, this will ensure a more consistent and better customer throughout the year.
Market gardeners and local greenhouses were irrigating their crops and picking produce for local and regional sale.
Similar ageing trends exist for fruit and vegetable producers and market gardeners, producers who are critical for a robust local food system.
In this picture from our archives, market gardeners are being questioned by police.
I have no real childhood memories of the market gardeners themselves -- just some of their kids from school.
They could include market gardeners, tillage or grazing farmers.
Lamoureux said market gardeners "really try" to pay attention to prices, but in no way can they meet the wholesale prices the big producers offer.

Användningsexempel för "market gardeners" på svenska

EnglishPolish fruit growers and market gardeners estimate that this year's losses will amount to 60%.
Polska fruktodlare och trädgårdsmästare uppskattar att årets förluster kommer att uppgå till 60 procent.
EnglishThey have got quite enough to think about dodging bullets, without becoming part-time market-gardeners.
De har fullt upp med att undvika att bli skjutna utan att dessutom behöva bli trädgårdsmästare på deltid.
EnglishI am thinking of the tree growers and the market gardeners that we have sold out and also of the interests of southern Europe.
Jag tänker på de trädodlare och grönsaksodlare som man har slutat satsa på, och på Sydeuropas intressen.

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