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map the gene
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Scientists have developed a way to spatially map gene expression data from a fruit fly embryo (top).
Then they mapped the genes that synthesize chemicals in the fruit.
By mapping the genes, the scientists have found a way around the problem of having to culture bacteria in order to study them.
The scientists are trying to map the genes of food poisoning microbes to better understand their effect and be prepared in case of endemics.
Researchers are trying to map the genes found in cowpea to produce improved drought-resistant varieties.
This paper offers a significant advance in mapping genes involved in disease.
A team of international scientists have successfully mapped the genes of a dangerous "superbug", paving the way for prevention and more effective treatments.
He said the department has sponsored various projects, especially mapping the genes responsible for a number of non-communicable diseases, to strengthen and promote genomic research.
Marsolais and his colleagues have also started mapping genes related to flavonoids.

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