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mammary gland
  • bröstkörtel
  • bröst körtel

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Dessa meningar kommer från externa källor och kan innehålla fel. bab.la är inte ansvarigt för deras innehåll.

Development of the mammary gland, which is affected by the provision of amino acids, is closely linked to the reproductive cycle of all mammals.
Obviously, a baby interferes with this association and reminds society of the true primary purpose of the mammary gland.
This is because avocados are known for reducing milk production and can even cause damage to the mammary gland.
This process, in combination with progesterone signaling, allows the mammary cells to move through the mammary gland.
The mammary gland is the main source of contagious pathogens in a dairy herd.?
Throughout the reproductive lifespan of a woman, the mammary gland is constantly remodeled and renewed in order to produce milk even after multiple pregnancies.
However, the most common clinical sign of a maedi-visna virus infection is a mammary gland infection that results in a firm udder.
Thus, it was long assumed that mastitis was caused by a single bacterial species growing in the mammary gland and that healthy milk was bacteria-free.
The keratin lining of the teat canal entraps bacteria and prevents their upward movement into the mammary gland through its physical and bactericidal properties.
It is thought that for this purpose, the mammary gland harbours stem cells that are able to regenerate the entire mammary gland.

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