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malicious gossip
  • skadligt skvaller

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Dessa meningar kommer från externa källor och kan innehålla fel. bab.la är inte ansvarigt för deras innehåll.

Both decried the "malicious gossip" that followed their separation.
It's a multiple-perspective novel about schoolyard bullying, malicious gossip, and domestic violence.
Personally, too, we are instructed against invidious behavior, in the form of lashon hara, malicious gossip.
Malicious gossip, even in your own living room, can be dangerous and costly if the object of your defamation catches a whisper of your careless tongue.
Malicious gossip, lashon hara, undermines relationships, erodes the social bond and damages trust.
The standoff shows that it's not just children being victimised by online bullying, with school staff becoming targets of threats, malicious gossip and smear campaigns.
They want all the adulation (and perks like unmerited posts in the government), but none of the "baseless" rumors, malicious gossip and catty remarks.
There seems little comprehension, not the slightest understanding, that malicious gossip is not a right of free speech.
He said that libel actions are meant to be cases for re-establishing reputations, confounding malicious gossip and allowing the litigant to emerge in a state of unblemished purity.
It is the people part which happens to be a stable conversation matter and no gathering is complete without the malicious gossip and belittling of others.

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gossip substantiv
malicious adjektiv
to gossip verb
malicious entity substantiv
malicious portrait substantiv