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maintain a grip
  • upprätthålla ett grepp
  • behålla ett grepp

Användningsexempel för "maintain a grip" på engelska

Dessa meningar kommer från externa källor och kan innehålla fel. bab.la är inte ansvarigt för deras innehåll.

As a result, growth and development have been involuntarily sidelined in order for government to maintain a grip on things while attempting to repair the damage - physically and otherwise.
In order to maintain a grip on power, their actions involve corrupting internal processes and dispensing patronage.
This credibility is required to maintain a grip on the consciousness of millions of working people.
Lock-up mode ensures continued traction when the going gets tough; all four wheels are constantly driven to maintain grip, even in severe conditions.
He seems to maintain the grip on his character much better than the others.
The charter also gives the armed forces the right to take over government under certain circumstances, and the military maintains a grip on the economy through holding companies.
As a one armed golfer, difficulty in maintaining grip on my clubs is heightened, if not nearly impossible, in wet weather.
But there's always that looking forward, maintaining a grip on things and finding support through the love of friends and family, and that hopeful outlook of regeneration.

Användningsexempel för "maintain a grip" på svenska

EnglishThis provision obviously reflects the desire of the Vietnamese authorities to try to control the pace of change and to maintain their grip on society during the transition process.
Denna bestämmelse återspeglar uppenbarligen de vietnamesiska myndigheternas önskan att försöka kontrollera förändringstakten, och bevara sitt grepp i samhället under övergångsperioden.
EnglishMadam President, Russia has a new President today, but Vladimir Putin's new job as Prime Minister will enable him to maintain his grip on power and supervise his protégé Dmitry Medvedev.
(EN) Fru talman! Ryssland har en ny president i dag, men Vladimir Putin kommer med sitt nya arbete som premiärminister att behålla greppet om makten och övervaka sin protegé Dmitrij Medvedev.

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a artikel
grip substantiv
to get a grip verb