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main gripe
  • huvud gripe
  • huvudsakliga gripe

Användningsexempel för "main gripe" på engelska

Dessa meningar kommer från externa källor och kan innehålla fel. bab.la är inte ansvarigt för deras innehåll.

The main gripe of showgoers was the temporary scaffolding that bridged the lounging area and the catwalk.
The main gripe of small business is misleading conduct and false representations followed by consumer guarantees, product safety and unsolicited goods and services.
The main gripe of the executive is the judiciary has assumed a supervisory role and might consider itself as if it is co-governing.
The main gripe of the protesters was a change to the number of loaves allocated to each family using ration cards.
I think their main gripe is they weren't listened to.
Their main gripe is that the wastes produced by such units often choke drains, and attract flies and mosquitoes.
My main gripe is it reads like a check-list of the issues.
My main gripe is people are seeing the numbers are low, but they are only starting to look at why.
He said the main gripe with members was that promotions were not based on merit.

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main adjektiv
main substantiv
main beam substantiv
to gripe verb
main girder substantiv
main concern substantiv
main point substantiv
main feature substantiv
main thing substantiv
main principle substantiv
main body substantiv
main building substantiv