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main gate
  • huvudgrinden
  • huvudporten
main gateway
  • huvud gateway
  • huvudgateway

Användningsexempel för "main gate" på engelska

Dessa meningar kommer från externa källor och kan innehålla fel. bab.la är inte ansvarigt för deras innehåll.

As the situation worsened, the university authorities closed the main gate of the campus.
Asked if the doors of the rooms and the main gate of the house were locked, they did not give a clear answer.
One maharaja even named the main gate of his palace after his pet horse after he died, reveal historians.
The local police are manning the main gate of the institute.
The local police was manning the main gate of the institute.
The mosque facing the road has the pond on its backside while the main gate of the temple opens to the bank of the pond.
They staged a demonstration and set up a protest camp in front of the main gate of college.
Hiding behind sandbags at the main gate, a soldier points to a red container wedged on a rooftop in the near distance.
Later, as a bank employee explained that some may not get money, protests ensued and people gathered in front of the main gate.
Police stopped them at the main gate, and clashes erupted.
According to scientific research done by foreign scientists, tropical areas are the main gateway for reactive gases into the atmospheric layer.
It is shameful for the country to be used as the main gateway for heroin, mandrax, cocaine and the likes.
Duterte also plans to remove the presidential no-fly zone when he flies in and out of the country's main gateway.
Expansion plans in the country's main gateway, however, is limited by space and the single runway.
These, he said, will allow more foreign tourists to conveniently access other local destinations through the county's main gateway airports.
One main gateway, the rest is though a microgrid.
Auckland has become an international city and is the main gateway to the country.
These are traitors who were stationed at the main gateway into our country and who were part of a breach of our national security.

Användningsexempel för "main gate" på svenska

EnglishOK, I'll meet you at the main gate at 5: 00.
EnglishCome to the main gate alone and unarmed.

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