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main gallery
  • huvudgalleriet
  • huvudgalleri

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Far more potent, and less didactic, are the mysterious paintings of black subjects that fill the main gallery.
Important guests can be entertained in a private dining room with a walkway that provides views down into the main gallery.
Raised by her grandparents, she paints a picture of her upbringing in the main gallery.
The central barn is to be the main gallery, the renovated farmhouse will house visiting artists and the other barn is to be a restaurant.
The new display has 250 works put up in the main gallery.
The painting was on a low partitioned wall, not visible from the main gallery.
Walking into the main gallery, where 84 feeds merge into one, is like stepping into the ultimate nerd fantasy.
Wherever you stand in the main gallery, the view differs.
Bunnings-sourced materials make for a lo-fi vibe but the placement of this over-scaled oblique plane reorganizes the main gallery space carefully.

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main substantiv
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