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magnifying glass
  • förstoringsglas
magnifying glasses
  • förstoringsglas

Användningsexempel för "magnifying glass" på engelska

Dessa meningar kommer från externa källor och kan innehålla fel. bab.la är inte ansvarigt för deras innehåll.

Especially in this world, everyone looks at you with a magnifying glass.
I robbed birds' nests and roasted ants under a magnifying glass.
In other words, don't stare directly into these for too long if you get one in the shop, and definitely don't use a magnifying glass.
In the way that sunlight can't burn through anything without a magnifying glass, you can't achieve unless a goal is focusing your effort.
Not that you'd have read about it at the time -- at least not without a magnifying glass.
Or you may sit next to a refrigerator-sized machine, checking its handiwork under a magnifying glass.
The faded papyrus fragment is smaller than a business card, with eight lines on one side, in black ink legible under a magnifying glass.
The tiny little children's drawings on the fridge were drawn under a magnifying glass.
They appear to be a contented lot, working away with great care at pieces of woven cashmere under a magnifying glass.
Thus, the relatively low level of detail makes it somewhat hard to distinguish which characters are used, even with a magnifying glass.
Baby nail clippers on the market have lights, special handles, magnifying glasses and more which are all supposed to make clipping a baby's nails easier.
I go up to a woman who is selling mirrors, magnifying glasses and mobile phone cases.
Magnifying glasses and even light tables may be used to peer at leafy greens.
At other times groups of men would use magnifying glasses to inspect the leaves, looking for potential pest problems in the vines.
The fifth step is inspection during which press operators use magnifying glasses to spot-check each batch of newly struck coins.
Beaky men with magnifying glasses were the rage.
When he saw his customers getting out magnifying glasses to read the menu, he tripled the print size.
While the nude dancer squatted on the edge of the stage, magnifying glasses were handed out to the men sitting in the front row.
In one of them -- the core shack -- geologists peer into the smooth quartz columns of core samples with magnifying glasses looking for specks of gold.
Magnifying glasses are provided to visitors to the exhibit to help them appreciate the extraordinarily fine detail.

Användningsexempel för "magnifying glass" på svenska

EnglishIt will change into a magnifying glass with reference arrows.
Den förvandlas då till ett förstoringsglas med hänvisningspilar.
EnglishYou have to look for expert judicial qualifications with a magnifying glass here.
Dugliga jurister måste vi leta efter med lupp.
EnglishIn the report it seems as if a magnifying glass is being held over the principle of clarity and transparency.
I betänkandet verkar det som om ett förstoringsglas hålls över principen om tydlighet och öppenhet.
EnglishWe really need to get the magnifying glass out and take a close look at what projects we can implement in this period.
Vi måste verkligen ta fram förstoringsglaset och ta oss en ordentlig titt på vilka projekt vi kan genomföra den här perioden.
EnglishIn the second place, if the text of the common position goes unchanged, then consumers will be needing a magnifying glass in order to examine the composition of chocolate products.
För det andra: om texten i den gemensamma ståndpunkten inte ändras kommer konsumenterna att behöva ett förstoringsglas för att leta efter sammansättningen av chokladprodukter.

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