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lush garden
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Find clean air where oxygen is at its highest, like forests, mountaintops, seashore, a lush garden, waterfalls.
Persons getting married have a choice of venue in a lush garden, under a beautifully decorated gazebo or an indoor private setting.
The compound has guesthouses, a training center, a stage, dining area, kitchen and dormitory, which is surrounded by a lush garden.
The restaurant then opens onto an alfresco terrace nestled in a lush garden.
The establishment has a lush garden and its bungalows offers a warm and cozy ambiance that travelers will enjoy while they're on holiday.
The pocket-friendly resort boasts a lush garden and is ideal for nature lovers.
The lush garden and fields lend a lovely scent in the air which arrives to cool the house designed to highlight every breeze.
The living room and library, mainly used in the evenings, are on the first floor and look out over the lush garden and public street.
The castle can be reached by a winding driveway through a lush garden on the three and half acre block.
The first level in the game is the lush garden shown in the trailer.

Liknande översättningar för "lush garden" på svenska

garden adjektiv
garden substantiv
lush adjektiv
lush substantiv
patch of garden substantiv
botanical garden substantiv
vegetable garden substantiv
back garden substantiv
bear garden substantiv
kitchen garden substantiv
roof garden substantiv
to garden verb
botanic garden substantiv
cherry garden substantiv
uncultivated garden substantiv
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