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lower gasoline prices
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Since it's the largest demand sector for corn, lower gasoline prices will almost certainly lead to lower blend rates for ethanol and thus lower ethanol prices.
Lower gasoline prices and a tightening labor market are providing a tailwind to the economy.
Lower gasoline prices are a tax break across the board, which, as my economics 101 textbook tells me, is a good thing.
Lower gasoline prices are doing little thus far to spur retail spending, while the weaker loonie is doing little to boost manufacturing.
Lower gasoline prices have the potential for reducing government revenue.
Lower gasoline prices will likely provide a spending boost to consumers but may take time to show up in the data.
Even though many people will benefit from lower gasoline prices, they have been taken aback by the quick change in some key numbers.
Once you factor in the negative economic consequences of the decline in oil prices, any perceived positive impact from lower gasoline prices by the consumer, will be quickly negated.
Solid demand, attractive financing, increased incentives and lower gasoline prices have combined to help make 2015 the strongest sales year on record.

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