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low gravity
  • låg gravitation

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If such a system could be made to work in low gravity and vacuum.
Vetra's has you driving around a moon in low gravity and saving the one thing in the galaxy that matters to her most.
Rats with broken bones heal more slowly in low gravity, and their skeletal muscles shrink.
They are conspicuous physically, with slender, tallish bodies, the result of the years spent in low gravity.
One low gravity area actually proved central to my hands-on experience.
However, the fall only lasted long enough to record up to three seconds of low gravity.
Just the thing for cruising around on powdery lunar turf and low gravity.
Over the course of 175 days, they tested the human body's ability to endure long periods in the low gravity of outer space.
The project has the capacity for low gravity irrigation and has the potential of expansion to cover 10,000 hectares.
However, the air pressure would still cause problems with habitats and the low gravity would still take its toll on the colonists' bodies.

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