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low gearing
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Ayala's financial position provides adequate capacity to invest in these new areas given its strong cash position and low gearing.
They have low debt - $4.70 million as of the most recent quarter -- and low gearing -- 21.5%.
For instance, a company with a very high gearing level (more debt finance) will experience financial distress earlier than one with a low gearing (less debt finance).
If we gear up too much when our peers in the sector maintain a low gearing, it wouldn't look good on us.
With cash at $570 million, the balance sheet looks strong, with low gearing and strong interest coverage.
Balwin's cash on hand and low gearing is supportive of its secured development pipeline of 16 167 residential units -- expected to be delivered over the next seven years.
So what you've got is a historically overpowered and overtorqued engine running through extremely low gearing, in a package that weighs just 189 kg (417 lb) dry.
For now, brownfield expansion has proven to be a more yield-accretive option over acquisitions, despite the trust's advantage of low gearing.
The trust's balance sheet remains healthy with a relatively low gearing of 30.1%.
The low gearing makes the little engine churn out lots of revs to keep up with traffic.

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