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loose gravel
  • lös grus
  • löst grus

Användningsexempel för "loose gravel" på engelska

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He said an already frustrating situation had been made worse by contractors sweeping up the loose gravel.
Investigation suggests that the vehicle was travelling north bound on the county road when it lost control on the loose gravel.
It is believed the car may have been travelling too fast on the loose gravel.
All-wheel drive and electronic stability control work together to ensure very surefooted traction on loose gravel.
In a car it's unlikely that you'll slip when it rains, in a deceptively innocuous puddle of oil or on loose gravel.
The path was unpredictable, with lots of loose gravel on the road making it difficult to go faster.
The plaintiff also argued that the presence of loose gravel on the edge of the roadway caused her accident.
The driveway appeared to be only partially finished, with loose gravel on top of a thin layer of tar.
How much loose gravel has collected on this curve?
Loose gravel was also dumped along the road, which made the curve deadly.

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gravel substantiv
loose adjektiv
to gravel verb
loose connection