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logic gate
  • logik grind

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Moreover, they combined these photonic switches into a logic gate, a fundamental component of computer chips that process information.
The foundation of all computing is a logic gate -- a simple yes/no switch.
Using a group of 40 real soldier crabs, the researchers tried to cajole the group into acting like a logic gate.
A similar process happens with the quantum logic gate.
We could use that process to make a quantum logic gate, the building block of a quantum computer.
These entangled photons can become the multiple inputs required for any logic gate.
Using the xylem transistors she also demonstrated digital logic gate function.
A normal logic gate is just a series of switches set up in a way that together, they perform a logical operation when given multiple inputs.
For a basic logic gate, it's actually fairly easy to at least predict the worst-case scenario of a circuit.

Användningsexempel för "logic gate" på svenska

EnglishIt basically embeds the most fundamental building block of computing, the digital logic gate, directly into your parts.
I grunden bakar den in de grundläggande byggstenarna för beräkning, den digitala logiska grinden, direkt i era delar.

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logic substantiv
gate substantiv
town gate substantiv
to gate verb
city gate substantiv