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"load of gravel" på svenska

load of gravel
  • last av grus
  • belastning på grus

Användningsexempel för "load of gravel" på engelska

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As part of the restoration work, the authorities had dumped a load of gravel.
For the moment, blue-collar workers will not be dispatched with a load of gravel.
One of the workers was operating a tractor with a front-end loader attachment and carrying a load of gravel.
He spray-painted a load of gravel in these psychedelic colours and mixed it in with some black paint.
Authorities said the wreck involved a big rig hauling a load of gravel and a pickup truck.
He never returned with a load of gravel as planned.
He says a semi went through a median and its trailer pulling a load of gravel completely detached.

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gravel substantiv
load substantiv
of preposition