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livestock grazing
  • betesdjur
  • bete av djur

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It is currently used as pasture for livestock grazing.
So far, out of the 88.6 million hectares of land resources in the country, 60 million hectares mapped are rangelands suitable for livestock grazing.
They are concerned about endangered species, such as burrowing owls, that use the land, which is also used for livestock grazing.
Traditional, cultural and commercial livestock grazing and breeding subsist side by side.
Rural depopulation has led to declining livestock grazing, so it's hoped these mighty herbivores will help prevent open, ungrazed meadowland scrubbing over.
That effectively put an end to livestock grazing there.
This allows the plants to continue growing simply by growing more leaves to replace those bitten off during livestock grazing.
No doubt there would've been livestock grazing in the fields, acres of stubble and quiet traffic queues at the level crossings.
The three regions are said to harbour five million foreign livestock grazing here illegally.
In many places the biocrust get destroyed by human activities such as off-roading or livestock grazing.

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grazing substantiv
grazing verb
livestock substantiv
livestock production substantiv