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liver glycogen
  • leverglykogen
  • lever glykongen

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During this period, which lasts 30-60 minutes, the body optimizes its ability to replenish lost energy stores, namely muscle and liver glycogen, and begins repairing and building muscle tissue.
We store carbohydrates predominantly as muscle and liver glycogen, and a tiny amount as blood glucose.
Young children are active and carbohydrates are the body's primary source of muscle and liver glycogen.
In the experiment, the researchers included long-distance cyclists as participants and found that both glucose and sucrose can help maintain liver glycogen levels and thus avoid tiredness.
Their experiment, which used long-distance cyclists as participants, found both glucose and sucrose can help maintain liver glycogen levels.
The parameters assessed were fasting blood glucose levels, serum lipid profiles, liver glycogen levels and initial and final body weight.
As we exercise, our muscle and liver glycogen reserves continually decrease.
Your liver glycogen stores are about 50 per cent depleted when you wake up in the morning, since your brain and heart were running all night.
The goal of post-exercise nutrition is to restore muscle and liver glycogen stores, improve hydration and repair muscle tissue.
Their experiment, conducted on long-distance cyclists, showed that ingesting carbohydrates in the form of either glucose or sucrose prevents the decline in liver glycogen "carbohydrate stores" and can avert tiredness.

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