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litter the ground
  • strö marken

Användningsexempel för "litter the ground" på engelska

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Bodies -- looking as if they were just strolling a moment ago -- litter the ground.
Ripped up pieces of plastic grocery bags and tinfoil -- telltale signs of heroin sales -- litter the ground.
Inspiring images and slogans litter the ground floor corridors of the luxury retreat to create an elite environment.
Uprooted palm and olive trees litter the ground, strewn among the debris.
Broken sculptures lean against a foundation, one of the original temple walls is charred black and clay fragments litter the ground.
Her footsteps in the snow are still visible amidst the scattered pine cones and twigs that litter the ground near the tree-shrouded mansion.
Huge artillery shells, rocket casings and vicious shards of shrapnel litter the ground.
Poisonous flakes of lead-filled paint litter the ground below an electricity pylon -- just yards from a children's swing and a primary school.
Leaves of the horse chestnut and the sycamore litter the ground, but the beech and the oak are beautifully green.

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the artikel
litter substantiv
ground substantiv