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litre of gasoline
  • liter bensin

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I can't think of any other program offering this deep of a discount off of a litre of gasoline.
In force since 2008, it levies $30 on every tonne of carbon -- about seven cents, for instance, on a litre of gasoline.
The province's $30-per-tonne price on carbon adds about seven cents to a litre of gasoline.
You can drive more than 25 kilometres with a litre of gasoline.
According to the consumer watchdog website ontariogasprices.com, the national average for a litre of gasoline is $1.07.6.
This week, the price of oil is hovering around $50 a barrel and the average price of a litre of gasoline is $1.22.
A lineup of vehicles formed at the local gas bar where a litre of gasoline was selling nearly 20 cents a litre less than other local gas stations.
When the price of a barrel of oil was going up, the price of a litre of gasoline was also going up each day.
On every litre of gasoline, the federal government receives 10 cents.
The new fee is expected to add 4.3 cents to the cost of every litre of gasoline.

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gasoline substantiv
litre substantiv
of preposition
to run out of gasoline verb